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Lisbeth Højdal is an independent consultant with a Master in Career Counselling from the University of Stockholm. She is connected to training courses for career counsellors in Denmark and Greenland, and is working with teaching, lecturing and research and development projects. She has specialized in theories related to career choice and development, and the methodological approaches connected hereto.


I have been working with development of guidance methods in many different guidance services and I am an experienced lecturer and course developer. I offer thematic lectures at seminars and conferences and tailored courses aimed towards different service providers and types of counselees.


I have been working as a consultant for ministries, guidance centers and professional networks. I offer consultancy services connected to concrete development projects and assistance to handle tasks and processes linked to strategic and/or methodological development of guidance services.


I have participated in several Danish and international research- and development projects and have been working with all the different phases in a project’s ‘life’. I offer services connected to project descriptions, budgets and applications or to planning and implementing concrete projects.

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Lisbeth Højdal

Lisbeth Højdal is an active debater on the field of career counselling, with a special interest in exploring the perception of the individual, that various theories rests upon. She has contributed to a debate about the consequences of the increased focus on assessment and categorization of individuals, and about the emerging individualization of career problems. Among other, she has contributed to debate about the Life-design paradigm on the symposium: Re/viewing the life-design career paradigm: Critical reflections and re/constructions, held on the IAEVG-conference 2016. The symposium was prepared in cooperation with Barrie Irving (AU), William Borgen (CA) og Jane Goodman (USA). Read more here: