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Consultancy Work

I have been working as a consultant for several different stakeholders on the field of career counselling, and with various types of research- and development projects. Among other, I have been chairing the working group responsible for the revision of the curriculum for Careers Education in the Danish compulsory school (Uddannelse og Job). In connection hereto, I have been involved in the development of exemplary courses, linked to various age-groups.

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Consultancy Work –  Examples

  • The Youth Guidance Center UU- Gribskov & The Danish Ministry of Education (2018): Using Portfolio in Careers Education. Theoretical and methodological approaches to working with portfolio with 10th. grade pupils
  • The Youth Guidance Center, North-West Zealand/The Municipality of Holbæk (2016): Process consultant and lecturer at a seminar on Educational Readiness.
  • The Danish Ministry of Education/University College Absalon (2015): Development of exemplary courses connected to Careers Education
  • The Danish Ministry of Education (2014-2015): Development of learning goals for the mandatory topic ’Uddannelse og job’ (education and job) and the optional subject ’Arbejdskendskab’ (knowledge about work).
  • The Danish Ministry of Education (2014): Development of Teacher guides for planning Careers Education in compulsory schools
  • The National Center for Guidance in Greenland (2013): Revision of course curriculum for Basic training course for career counsellors in Greenland (VGU) and for continuing courses. Read more here:
  • Nordic Network on Adult Learning/NVL. (2010):  Process consultant og rapporteur at a seminar on guidance in sparsely populated areas.