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I have published books on both career theory and counselling methods and has been working as a lecturer and educator for many years. I am an experienced presenter at Danish and international conferences and have, among other, contributed with critical perspectives on CMS and the Life-Design paradigm.

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Thematic presentations – examples

Self-governance as an objective of Career Counselling. Challenges, Risks and Discussions. Talk at the IAEVG-conference. October 2018

Qualitative approaches to Career Counselling. Themes and Methods. Workshop at the IAEVG-conference. October 2018

Competence development as a goal for career guidance – Critical perspectives. Keynote on the conference: Career Management Skills – What – Why – How? November 2017. Nordic Network on Adult Learning: Read more here:

Career learning and counselling – a profession under press.  Conference held by the Association of Guidance Counsellors in the education system (Ungdomsuddannelsernes Vejlederforening). November 2017

Themes and phases in career counselling. Workshop on conference held by The Swedish Association of Guidance Counsellors. October 2017

How the environment can affect youngster choices and achievements. Guidance methods. Conference for guidance counsellors connected to vocational basic courses (EGU), June 2017

What’s the objective of career guidance and who is it for? Panel debate on different theoretical approaches in guidance and counselling. Aarhus University, March 2017

Perspectives on motivation and resistance. The Greenlandic Houses, Denmark. January 2017

Re/viewing the life-design career paradigm: Critical reflections and re/constructions. Symposium, IAEVG’s conference: Promoting Equity through Guidance and Counseling. Reflection, Action, Impact. November 2016. Read more here:

Careers Education in Compulsory Schools, governed by Common Objectives. Conference presenting the new Curriculum for Careers education. The Ministry of Education/University College Absalon. August 2015

Career Counselling – approaches and methods. Conference for guidance counsellors at regional guidance centers (Studievalg), 2014

To set goals and reach them – what does it take? Norwegian conference for guidance counsellors (Rådgiverkonferansen), Oslo 2014

The impact on guidance – in an individual and societal perspective. Conference for career counsellors in Greenland. 2014

Career counselling – concepts and approaches. Conference held by the Nordic Network on Adult Learning (NVL). Nuuk, 2014.

Specially designed courses – examples

Career Choice. Themes and methods in career guidance. Course for counsellors connected to Karrieresenter Østfold/Norway, 2017

Get to know your guidance competences. Guidance course for employed and selected members of the Danish Union of Electricians. Danish Metalworkers’ Union/UCSJ, 2015-2016

Career development, choices and choice processes. Courses in different career theories and methods in guidance (Introduction to: Holland, Super, Savickas, CIP, Gottfredson, SCCT & Krumboltz). The Municipality of Skåne/Sweden (2007-2011)

The power of Identity – How self-concepts can affect choices.  Karriär & vägledarkompetencen, Sweden, 2010


Working with self-efficacy and social cognitive methods in career counselling. Seminars in Denmark, Sweden and Iceland – in cooperation with Steven D. Brown, Loyola University, Chicago. UCC, 2009