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Project experiences

I have participated in several different surveys and research-and development projects related to the guidance. Among other, I have been working with the OECD-review of Career Guidance Policies in Denmark.

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I am a part of the Nordic Network VALA, which consists of representatives from higher educational institutions in the Nordic and Baltic countries, which offers training courses for guidance counsellors. The objective of the network is to exchange experiences in regard to the training of counsellors and to contribute to the quality development of courses and services.

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  Danish Projects

  • The Youth Guidance Center UU-Gribskov & The Danish Ministry of Education (2018): Grib Portfolien! (Using Portfolio as a tool in Careers Education)
  • Youth Guidance Centers (Vest, Øresund & Sjælsø) (2012-2013): Why the boys fall behind the girls – testing new guidance methods that can challenge boys gender stereotypical career choices
  • University College Capital/UCC (2011-2012): Choices and circumscriptions – factors influencing student dropout and completion, survey
  • Knowledge Center for Educational and Vocational Guidance/VUE (2007-2008): Guidance strategies in the youth education system
  • The Ministry of Education (UVM) & The National Center for Competence Development (NCK) (2008): Evaluation of the Regional Guidance Centers.
  • VUE (2007): Model for competence assessment of guidance practitioners
  • VUE (2008): Competence assessment and recognition
  • UVM/DEL (2005-2006): The culture of evaluation on vocational schools
  • UVM/DEL (2003-2004): Educational plans as a tool in guidance – decision making skills
  • UVM/TEC (2002): Integrated guidance in vocational schools – a cooperative model
  • UVM/DEL (2000-2001): Educational and vocational guidance, beyond the “Reform 2000”
  • UVM/TEC (1999-2000): The Individual Education Plan as a tool in guidance
  • UVM/TEC (1999-2000): Drop-out from vocational education – tools to register student dropout and their causes
  • UVM/TEC (1998): Guidance and choices from an individual perspective – the individual’s decision- making skills.

International Projects

  • Nordplus (2012 –  ): Network of Career counseling and guidance programs at higher education institution in the Nordic and Baltic countries/VALA
  • EU/Comenius (2012-2014): Entrepreneurship, Education and the World of Work
  • EU/Comenius (2007-2010): School and the World of Work
  • EU/Grundtvig (2005-2008): Interests and Desires. Creative Planning of a Meaningful Life in precarious work conditions
  • EU/Leonardo (2005-2007): Reflective Quality Development for CVET-teachers and trainers through Self-evaluation
  • DEL (2006): Training of Trainers – Croatian Specialist. Upgrading VET-schools – Establishing Centers of Excellence.
  • EU/Leonardo (2003-2005): Self-evaluation – Transnational methods and models for Self-evaluation of Non-formal Competences
  • EU/Leonardo (2004): Adult Guidance in Education. Training of Trainers/AGETT
  • EU/Leonardo (2002-2004): Meeting the Needs of Employment: European Curriculum Guidelines for Lifelong Learning Vocational Counselors
  • DEL (2003): Training of TVET trainers. The National Training of Trainers Institute (NTTI), Jordan and the Euro-Jordanian action for the development of enterprise (EJADA)
  • OECD (2002): OECD Review of Career Guidance Policies. Information, guidance and counselling. Denmark.
  • EU/PETRA II (1996): Enhancing the quality of Information and Guidance Materials and standards of practice/The ENIGMA group.